About ACM India Summer/Winter Schools

ACM India Summer/Winter School Objectives:

  • Inculcating problem solving as a skill, which is not emphasised much in the undergraduate curriculum
  • Providing exposure to leading experts, advanced topics and taste of research to motivated students
  • Exposing students to research opportunities in the career, whether in academia or industry

Salient Features of the Schools:

  • Organized at multiple geographical regions in the country
  • Conducted by faculty comprising leading experts from academia and industry on advanced topics in computing
  • Target audience:
    • senior undergraduate students or those enrolled in Masters or higher degree programs
    • around 40 students per school: from nationwide applicants, selected based on academic performance, Statement of Purpose etc. criteria
  • 1 to 2 weeks full-time course in June-July or December-January
  • Hosted at an academic institution

Testimonials from earlier Summer Schools:

"The three-week ACM Summer School on Graph Theory and Graph Algorithms explored various topics, providing me a holistic view of the subject and its applicability. Starting from basic concepts like Depth First Search, the school went on to cover deep concepts such as Parameterized Complexity. The classes were scheduled in such a way that enough time was provided for us to understand the concepts and solve the tutorial problems posed to us at the end of each day. Personally, the school proved to be highly beneficial for me since it introduced me to an algorithmic technique that I could exploit to derive a significant result in my research work.

"Looking from the non-academic point of view, the school was well organized in all aspects. The hospitality extended by the organizers was warm and welcoming. The campus infrastructure provided us with various amenities such as gym, library, etc. that we could explore during our free time. There were also some fun activities such as bird watching which boosted networking amongst the diverse participants of the school.

"Overall the school has provided me an experience with numerous takeaways both academically and otherwise."
S. Vaishali, Summer School 2017 on Graph Theory and Graph Algorithms at IIT Gandhinagar

"I liked this summer school very much. It built a good base about graph theory and then slowly moved towards the advanced topics. It helped me in clearing the interview of TIFR and also in GATE exam. Thank you very much for the school."
Raj Rajvir, Summer School 2017 on Graph Theory and Graph Algorithms at IIT Gandhinagar

Previous Summer/Winter Schools

ACM India 2018 Summer Schools
ACM India 2019 Summer Schools
ACM India 2019-2020 Winter Schools
ACM India 2020 Summer Schools (Cancelled due to Covid-19)
ACM India 2020-2021 Winter Schools
ACM India 2021 Summer Schools (online)

ACM India Online Summer Schools, 14 June to 16 July 2021

ACM India Summer Schools 2021 were targeted at students in the pre-final year of Bachelor's program or higher. These schools offered self-motivated students in-depth knowledge and exposure to research in advanced technology areas. The online courses covered Shape Modelling, Program Execution, IoT and Embedded Systems, NLP, and Programming Languages.